Thursday, August 21, 2014

NikolaLuigi Refashion

So I have made many many many refashions for myself, full of girly what nots, but this next refashion is for a bloke! Inspired by the fact my boyfriend has several pairs of chinos that he never wears, yet he has no shorts to take on holiday next month, I decided to mutilate a pair of his trousers for his own gain!

He wouldn't let me picture him for the 'after' shot, however you can see how I made these (plus more photos of the before shots) here.


jennifer elliott said...

You're a great girlfriend! Nice refashion.

jennifer elliott said...

P.S. is that an owl your bf is kind of standing next to?

Jennifer, EOD

Nicola Jane said...

Thanks Jennifer! And no, it's a kookaburra :)