Friday, August 01, 2014

T-Shirt Boxers

Hi All!
Been meaning to make some little lady boxers that I could wear under shorter skirts and dresses for modesty's sake ;) Here I made a pair in orange to match a dress I've been working on. The fabric was gleaned from a men's large t-shirt.
First, I traced a pattern onto wax paper - copying a pair of boxers I already had. I then cut out the pattern pieces from the material.
 Here's the finished pair. I inserted elastic at the waist. Modesty preserved!


IWOM said...

And comfort too!

Thanks for the wax paper idea -- that solves a problem I've had up in the sewing room today.


Lanky Sunshine said...

Ooo, this could be an easy way for me to make more shorts for fighting chub rub! Awesome!