Saturday, September 27, 2014

The rest of a previous refashion...finally!

So a while ago i posted about some little gifts and things i'd made before Christmas last year (seems like forever ago now!) including a jewellery case lined with fabric from this shirt:
 I used the sleeves from the shirt to make the jewellery case, but i had bigger plans for the main part. The shirt itself was a size or two too big as it originally was, but I was able to make use of the darts in the front (having unpicked the pocket) to make my final top more fitted. I used an existing top as a base for the pattern, though i left the length of the shirt as i found the black top a bit too short for some occasions.
 the end result:
I shirred the back to make if fit while still being stretchy and comfortable (and without having to do a lot of tailoring - essentially i'm lazy!) - i actually cut out the back panel, shirred it separately, and the attached it. I made the straps from long tubes cut from the back of the shirt (either side of the back panel). I did have to add an invisible press stud (snap fastening) hand-sewn inside the button placket between the top two buttons as the elasticated back made it gape otherwise, but with the press stud it's no longer a problem. One of my favourite bits is the ribbon detail across the top front, which i had to add to hide a small rip where i'd not been careful enough as i removed the pocket! But i managed to find some short pieces of ribbon which needed used up and just happened to almost exactly match the colours in the top. Worked out well in the end!

Thanks for reading :)


Unknown said...

Very cute halter top!

- Elizabeth, EOD
aka The Hungry Octopus

Nina said...

Wow so pretty! Fits perfectly and lovely design and colours

Unknown said...

This is great!! I love finding new ways to use old button ups. I never would have thought of shirring the back. Great idea and refashion!

jenny_o said...

Nice job - I especially like the ribbon along the top, too.