Wednesday, October 01, 2014

Old Sweatshirt Re-fash and Phone Bling

I refashioned this brown sweatshirt a year ago when my daughter needed it for part of a costume. I removed the cuffs and hood and used the hood fabric to cover up the logo on the front. But we don't need that costume anymore. Time to refashion again.
The bottom piece makes a soft, comfy play skirt with a kangaroo pocket. I made a casing and put wide elastic through it.
The finished skirt
I hadn't intended to use the sleeves for anything, but after I cut the sweatshirt apart it looked sort of like a scarf. I trimmed the shoulder area to make a more consistent width, turned it inside out and sewed up the two large openings at the former neck area and the chest area. To make it more interesting, I tried my hand at applique.

I've never done applique before, and I made many mistakes, but that's ok. I learned a lot, and I will still wear this scarf on cold mornings while I take my kids to school. I have other winter scarves that are itchy; this one is soft.
The finished scarf
I did one more project-- this was super easy. I have a clear case on my phone. I cut a scrap of fabric to size and cut out holes for the camera, light and speaker. Now I can change my phone's look anytime I want.
fabric phone case


Sandy said...

Brilliant idea about the phone case. My case is wearing out round the edges. I will have to look for a clear one and then make my own statement when I feel like it!
Sandy in the UK

RanchHouse said...

Fun to refashion a refashion. The scarf is a great idea. Thanks for sharing. Mary at RanchHouse EOD

Frankie Carson said...

That phone case idea is genius!