Saturday, October 11, 2014

Old T-Shirts into a Halloween Costume

Oh how I love Halloween, what a great time of the year. I may be a full grown adult but I won't let that stop me from getting fully involved in the festivities. It seemed only fitting that I created a costume out of old t-shirts (old t-shirts... is there anything they can't be turned to?!). 

My boyfriend sacrificed this Thin Lizzy t-shirt because it was covered in bleach stains, so it would have been thrown out otherwise. I actually turned it inside out as I didn't want the logo to show, and the green t-shirt was just one that I don't wear anymore.

I took a panel out of the green dress to create the slashed effect at the front, and I used the sleeves from the black t-shirt to make little sleeves. I then cut out long thin strips of green to tie around the sleeves and create bows.

I think the dress I've made looks suitable for a Witch costume (just add a witches hat and a broom!) but it's quite a versatile tutorial, you could apply this technique to different coloured t-shirts to create a variety of different costumes. For example, a red and black t-shirt combo could be a 'fallen angel' or devil dress depending on what accessories you add. 

The full tutorial is available on my blog.

Happy Halloween refashioning!


Huli said...

i like it!

Carissa said...

Great for Halloween, but I think you could wear that anytime if you want! Very cute!


C. S. Drake said...

Omg thanks for this. I got an Uber late start on halloween this year and have totally neglected my costume. Your post inspired me and prompted the idea of how to make a one piece no sew off the shoulder T-shirt corset. I have limited crafts, dwindling in fact, so all I would need is the shirt, some paint, my leftover yarn, and a spaghetti strap tank to wear underneath it (but not attached to the corset) omg THANK YOU!