Saturday, November 15, 2014

Chiffon and Silk Refashion

Hello Everyone!

Here is my latest AFTER without glasses so you can see my refashioned lashes, as well as this great blouse/tunic I refashioned over the weekend.



.I have been wanting to jump on this trend for a while now, and finally the perfect pieces presented themselves to me in the thrift shop. Below you see the two inspiration photos that got me thinking. I wanted to put these two ideas together in a way that works for my life. I love the chiffon see through pieces that have been appearing on different styles over the last few months and I believe I have married these 2 ideas in a perfect combination for me. 6817b160db2ae6757088d61e19ad3cc8




Here are the two thrift shop pieces that made it happen. The first is a beautiful, lightweight, raw silk blouse. It was way too big, and I had already chopped off parts of the sleeves for another project


The second piece was a very ugly chiffon dress (bought strictly for the chiffon) with a printed branch across the waist YUCK!


 The entire Tutorial can be seen here!
'Til next time,
Mary P  AKA: Thrifty chic!


Andrea said...

You nailed it! I want one ;) Love your inspiration pieces and your 'after'!!!

Annikins said...

Your top is amazing and your lashes lovely too

Nina said...

you look lovely!

Elizabeth Hill said...

Very trendy and chic! Very well done!

- Elizabeth, EOD
aka The Hungry Octopus

Kelley said...

This turned out beautifully! Amazing how easy you make the process look, too!

You have some of the prettiest eyes I have ever 'seen' (in a photographic image :-)!

Happy weekend,

P.S. Your blog forbid me from commenting for some reason. :-(