Monday, November 17, 2014

Watercolor Dress Re-Size!

Hi all!

I tackled a project this weekend that I wanted to share with you all here.

At Goodwill a couple of weeks ago, a friend of mine and I were browsing the clothes and we came across this monstrosity:

It was a 16 Wide (I'm a 12) and it was so brightly colored and patterned and so old-fashioned looking that we both laughed and laughed and passed it right by.

But...I kept looking back at it...and looking back...and looking back, until finally, to my friend's great amusement, I blurted "I NEED THAT DRESS" and ran back and grabbed it before anybody else saw the potential I saw.

I figured, you know what? I can make this dress look awesome, adorable, and even sexy!

It was pretty hideous, but it had some neat details. I loved, loved, loved the pattern, the more I looked at it. And it had this cool pleating on the sleeves that struck me as really neat:

So I cut the sleeves a little shorter (leaving the pleating of course) so they were now more like cap-sleeves. I also took in the sides of the dress by around 2 inches, and brought up the bottom hem by two or three inches (just so it was above the knee and not right below it, which tends to look pretty frumpy on my stumpy legs).

The result was even more fabulous than I could have imagined!

It even looks good from the back...

I'm pretty proud of this recon! It's not a dress I would ever have picked out to wear, but reconstructing clothing is giving me a much broader interest in colors and patterns. I love it!! I can even wear it to work (with a blazer):

Here's the before and after right next to each other:

I love it! See my blog post about it for more details.

Happy Monday everybody!



Refashion said...

The dress looks great now. I love the fabric - you did well to see the potential!

Debbie EOD

Colleen Marble said...

The W in a size stands for woman, not wide.

Kelley said...

Colleen is correct (W size gives ample for bust, tummy, etc.), and I really like your refashion. You were spot-on to see the potential. You look beautiful in it and are certainly going to get a lot of bang out of the bucks you gave for it. Well done!

Happy week,

Beth said...

Oops, did not realize that about the W...thanks for the clarification!!

Emily Nail said...

I just love this! I have also been known to run back for something to snatch it up before someone else also sees its potential. :) This is seriously adorable!!!

Emily @ Em-provising

Nina said...