Sunday, December 21, 2014

Floral Skirt into Retro Apron

I've had this mini skirt for a while, I love the print of the fabric but sadly it's coming to the ends of it's lifespan. I wanted to try something a little experimental, and didn't mind sacrificing this skirt for the cause! My idea was to turn the skirt into a retro, 50s style apron with pockets and a sweetheart style neckline.

Here is the before & after:

I didn't use any additional supplies for this (except the thread!!), it was was made entirely from the skirt fabric. The skirt had a lining inside, and after I cut that away I used it for the straps and pockets. I wanted to add a bow to the neckline but I used every last scrap and there wasn't any left.

Hopefully this will make cooking feel much more glamorous from now on! The only downside, is that once the lining was cut away, the fabric of the skirt was quite thin so I don't know how well it will protect my clothes. I think that this will be more for show than practicality. If I made it again then I would add my own lining to it to give it more substance.

Full tutorial is on my blog, Lola Nova Upcycling.


RenataLaura said...

That's gorgeous! And useful now

Andrea said...

Clever!!! I love this remake :)

Andrea EOD

Nina said...

Wha!!!? Jawdropper. Very pretty!