Friday, December 19, 2014

New neckline

I have here a plunging polka dot neckline that I'd like to fill in.

I took a scrap from the bottom of the dress and used it to fill in the neckline.

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jenny_o said...

Oh, nicely done! I love that it's asymmetrical - so different from the usual modesty panel.

RenataLaura said...

That's really nice and so low before weird for a classy dress!

Sandy said...

Very Clever to do it asymmetrical! Now, where were those tops/dresses that I end up wearing another top beneath?
:-) Sandy

Andrea said...

Great save on the neckline!

Andrea EOD

g.satansbraten said...

Wtf = swiss elegant version of this is: wonderful that's fantastic (= I find it fun-tastic ;-) !)
YET, having some 'cheeky streak' in me I hurried here due to your 'promise' of "... fill in ..." which I thought hinting perhaps of some idea of instant, cheap, aehem, 'contents-enlargement' I'd be interested in for my own 'weeeell under-jugged' figure ;-) :-D

O.k., punishment-smack behind my ears taken and accepted = jokes aside: I think this asymmetrical solution of yours is - another -very brilliant idea to be memorised to copycat.

Thumbs up and loving greetings,
Gerlinde (as cheeky as frequently known for)

Lola Nova said...

You've made this into a very elegant garment, I like the asymmetric neckline :)

Amy Jo said...

Quite lovely my dear! I will click over to see how you did that!

Nina said...

Cool :^)