Wednesday, January 07, 2015

Cape from a Curtain & a Blanket

Hallo meine lieben Refashionistas, 
ich hoffe ihr hattet eine schöne und produktive erste 2015-Woche.

Today I want to show you my latest refashion. You may say a curtain is more like fabric and not a "real" refashion, but I like my new project so much I don't want to hold it back. ;)


Check out the full tutorial on my blog

ps: Translate the whole article by clicking the "translate"-button I just installed.


Saga said...

Such a lovely cape.
Where is the translate button from? I would like one on my blog too.

IWOM said...

Sieht aus wie es ist " Tartan Week ' hier bei Refashion Koop .

Ihre schottischen EOD wirklich schätzt es !



Ninutschka Karenska said...

@saga: I made it on my own, just copy it, if you like :)

@iwom: thank you! I feel pleased ;)

RenataLaura said...

Translate: If you are on blogspot, go to the Layout tab then 'add gadget' save template and it sticks on the side/top panel.
I love these cape jackets they are very 60s. Yours looks really stylish

IWOM said...

Thanks for the lesson, RenataLaura! I've often wondered how to do that!