Saturday, February 28, 2015

A colorful shirt enlargement

After reading a few stories on this blog about enlarging clothes, I was inspired to try it out on something of my own!
This adorable T-shirt was too small to wear as it was, but with the addition of some bright-colored panels on the sides and top, I was able to make it fit me. A step-by-step description of how I did it is on my blog if you've got the time for a long read.... or just enjoy the before and after pictures below!




RenataLaura said...

Your styling is better than the original too because it pops. I was hoping it said vegetarian at first but then cupcakes are too!

Sandy said...

I love the idea of the colour at the shoulder. I 'embiggened ' a t-shirt, but didn't like it because it felt like it looked as if I had added fabric. But with the shoulders it would look more like it was all planned from the beginning.
Sandy in the UK

Lovenicky said...

Great job and a great idea! I love the 'after' a lot more than the before. Bravo!

RanchHouse said...

I would never guess this was a refashion. I agree the shoulder add-on makes the side look original. The color selection is so good with the original. Awesome save!

Elizabeth Hill said...

Loving the green! Great choice for a pop of color.

- Elizabeth, EOD
aka The Hungry Octopus