Friday, February 20, 2015

Simple Bralettes

I don't know about you, but sometimes it is nice to have a comfy bra-less day and this fits the bill. Also, my young daughter loves them.
Cutting and sewing lines
I started with some extra camisoles I had laying around. I made two cutting lines, one for the top and the other for the bottom band. I took in the sides of the top, using an inverted V, 1/2 inch at the bottom of the top. I also made two breast darts.
Front View
The bottom band I took in 2 inches then folded in half, wrong sides together. I then attached the band to the top, with a clear elastic sewn into the seam. I have a serger, which made this so much easier and faster than a regular machine.
Yes, I am modest.

I saved the bottom of the camisoles. I am thinking they would make great waist bands on some summer skirts.


Valerie Lusk-Waddell said...

Oh wow! Thanks for this idea! I have some camis that are not in wearing outside condition that I can now put to use for comfort at home! :D

Saga said...

Oh, they look so comfortable. Heading for my refashion pile to look for camis/tank tops.

Andrea said...

Great idea! I'd love to make myself some of these :) Thanks for sharing!

Andrea EOD

Frances Brough said...

The cutoffs from the cami bottoms can be used to lengthen a top, creating a layered look.