Monday, February 09, 2015

The Crafty Disaster: Quick Fix - Frumpy to Stylish Refashioned Skirt

Hello again! Its Lindsay from the Crafty Disaster. This week I did a quick fix to turn a frumpy thrift store skirt into something more stylish and fitting. Everyone has seen those bunchy, elastic waist skirts at thrift stores, I just happened to find one I love the fabric of! 

It was too bad that I didn't like the bunched waist, so I just had to refashion it! 
To see the whole process of the quick fix check out my blog!

Here is how I wore it!

Happy Monday!


Refashion said...

Lovely skirt now - great fabric

Debbie EOD

Lindsay Scalco said...

Thank you Debbie! The fabric is what I loved!!!

CreativaCale said...

Simple is the best :)