Saturday, February 28, 2015

Thrifted Leather Jacket - from Unwearable to Wearable

I thrifted this very soft and very warm leather jacket from my local thrift store last year for only $9.99! It fit me fine above the waist, but it fit poorly at the waist and below due to my short waist and sway back. I had never sewn with leather before so I was nervous and excited as well in trying to fit this jacket on me.
Note how the jacket bunches up at the back due to my short waist and sway back.
I took the jacket apart and almost went blind ripping out the very securely sewn and glued down seams. I put the jacket back together after cutting off 6cm at the waist. And the result is this:
Note the big gap between the last and the 2nd last button because I had cut off the original at waist button hole.
Note that the back doesn't bunch up anymore! Yay!
I know that the jacket doesn't really look very much different from the original. But it now fits me and it was my first time sewing with leather! It was just a relief that I didn't mess up the jacket and I can actually wear it. I'm not scared of sewing with leather anymore.

The only thing I am not sure is the big gap between the last and 2nd last button. I'm not sure if I should add something there to balance it out. But if I put something there then perhaps it would draw attention to the gap. What do you think? Should I do something to hide the gap or should I just leave it alone?

You can see my entire journey for this project on my Blog.


jenny_o said...

What a great job - it looks perfect on you! In my opinion, there is nothing wrong with the larger gap between the two bottom buttons unless it tends to gape open. If so, a large snap could be sewn on the inside to hold it closed. If I were to do anything on the outside, I'd try a decorative bit at the waistline seam - either a small leather bow or flower made from your scraps. But I really don't think it needs anything. Your work has encouraged me to try sewing with leather!

RanchHouse said...

When I saw your pre-post on Garment a month I wanted to suggest Refashion Co-op. So, I am glad to see you on Refashion. On the pre-post, I thought brave girl. You did an awesome job and sure encouraged me. Button placement is no problem. If you sew a snap you might use a large fabric covered snap. Consider how often you will wear it buttoned. I seldom make it that far.
Thanks for posting with us.
Mary @ RanchHouse

Lori Yeo said...

Perhaps you could make a leather sash (belt type thing) from the scraps. but like the previous poster says, only if you will wear it buttoned up.

Elizabeth Hill said...

Hooray for no bunching! Your new jacket looks great on you!

- Elizabeth, EOD
aka The Hungry Octopus

Eimear Greaney said...

that is fantastic, and you have really made it totally wearable again, getting that fit from a re-cut is brilliant. i didnt notice the button until i read your article, but if you did want to try you could do a mangetic bag snapper or you could chance an in-seam buttonhole as it is in the correct location i think, and it may cause less heartache - congratulations on the remake