Sunday, March 29, 2015

SKIRT REFASHION: another simple skirt

A few nights ago while looking through Pinterest, I found a "quick" guide on how to refashion a shirt into a skirt with POCKETS! I couldn't find the full tutorial anywhere, so I just depended on the four-step graphic. Yup. Four-step graphic. The graphic also boasted the refashion could be completed in 30 seconds. SECONDS?!? SECONDS?!?


If I know what I'm doing and I'm having a good day, I could probably complete a simple elastic waistband skirt in less than an hour -- maybe 30 minutes. A skirt in 30 seconds. Nope. No way. Cannot happen. Because I'm for all things easy, lazy, and quick, I decided to try this four-step method of turning a shirt into a skirt.

For more details and pictures, click here.


Eimear Greaney said...

good work - reminds me of when we used to turn sweatshirts (80s) into skirts by making the stretched neckband to waistband You can thread elastic into it (turn the sleeves inside to make pockets - cut across and sew) leave waistband as hem............. not quite 30 seconds as the pockets needed sewing, but prob 5 minutes? (but you have to like the 80 sweatshirt hem.... and probably wham video styling.........)

jennifer elliott said...

lol. Just make sure you wake me up before you go go ... ;)

Carissa said...

Yeah, I don't know about 30 seconds! 30 minutes is still pretty darn quick though. Great job!