Sunday, March 22, 2015

Sleeves de-puffed

This shirt had a frill on the collar that I remo ved. An then I put the shirt in my closet in the belief, that it was all the work it needed.
Until I put it on one day. I felt I looked like someone playing american football.
I removed the sleeves, ironed out the wrinkles, adjusted the width of the sleeves to fit in the arm hole without puff and sewed the sleeves back on.

I like the shirt much better now.

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AngieHandmade said...

Sometimes it takes a few iterations to get it right. :) It turned out very cute in the end.

Carissa said...

Much better! I just don't understand what people see in puffy sleeves. Great job saving this blouse!


Erica Moody said...

That makes it look so much better. I have so many puffy sleeves garments, but my sewing machine really doesn't accommodate sleeves--part of it detaches, but not enough to do most sleeves.
Therefore, I'm jealous.