Saturday, July 25, 2015

Refashion Runway Challenge: Floral/Stripes/Geometric

Hello, Refashionistas (and RefashionisTOs) ;) I have the privilege of competing in a friendly online sewing competition hosted by the Renegade Seamstress, herself! How I got picked to compete with 7 other super talented seamstresses, I'll never know...

For our first challenge, we were asked to combine Floral with Stripes or Geometric prints. I figured this shirt I thrifted for .99 cents would do nicely.

I made a few dissections.. and cut the fabric into 4" wide strips. I also used some purple floral scraps from a refashion I haven't completed yet. I also cut that fabric into 4" scraps and quilted the 2 prints together.

When I had a nice big piece of fabric to work with, I cut it into various different angles. I sewed them together into an asymmetric tunic.

The back is my favorite part :)

To vote for my tunic (or any of the other 7 creations made by the other competitors of "Refashion Runway: Season 3), click here.

~Accidental Seamstress


Andrea said...

I like how you combine two florals to make the stripes!

Andrea EOD

jenny_o said...

Very pretty and so original - nice!