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Saturday, August 15, 2015

#6 Going to Town Dress from Leslie Lucks Style

RanchHouse August Sewing Goal:
  • Mend, alter, refashion 10 Going to Town Dresses. This is #6.
Going to Town Dresses are:
  • Made from Pre-retirement garments that do not fit Retirement lifestyle. 
  • Good for lunch with friends, errands, shopping, part-time contract work. 
  • Unfitted, Cool, Comfortable. Texas August is 100+.
After: Summer Going to town dress.
Goal: Sew from Pre-retirement stash.
*Dress: Leslie Lucks style dress from stash. 
*Blue Seersucker: Stash Seersucker  is cool and says summer.

Skirt: Remove, serge for new skirt. Add seersucker ruffle.  
*Top: Use pleated sleeve edge for new sleeve trim. Bias trim from bodice, New top/sleeves from seersucker.  Stitch 1" seam in waist, turn up to form thin elastic casing.

After: Sleeve trim from old dress.
Elastic casing.

 After: Summer Going to Town Dress.

What I Learned:
* needed in wide drop sleeves.
*brought shoulder in, graded down to side seam.

TNT Pattern

New Fabric Pattern:
*original tissue pattern replaced with new fabric pattern mad from stash pillowcase 
*alterations pattern info noted with permanent sharpie
*new fabric pattern will fold /store without tearing.

New Pattern: Cut from pillowcase
Alterations marked

Before: Sleeve pleat
Before: Leslie Lucks Style

1 comment:

jenny_o said...

A fabric pattern is a great idea.

You are really plowing through your challenges. You've inspired me to try to use garments I already have instead of searching the thrift store for something to "match" what I have when making a refashion. It's so much more frugal and easy on the environment than even thrift shopping itself.