Wednesday, August 19, 2015

A "Yoga" Skirt

Here's a simple refashion that produces a very comfortable outcome!
 I found a very stretchy jumper, along with a very stretchy t-shirt at a thrift store one day.  I liked the color combination and could envision a fun skirt from the two of them.  You can visit my blog, Second Chances By Susan, if you'd like to see the simple tutorial on how it was done.  Thanks!


RanchHouse said...

The skirt is cute and looks comfy. The yellow in the band just complements the skirt colors.
Thanks for sharing.
Mary @ Ranch House editor of the Day (EOD)

whatthesew said...

Those 2 before items look so unpromising but you have made something stylish and comfortable. The colour combination really works, I think apricot is normally a difficult colour to wear with anything but cream but you have found a solution.