Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Boho Chic Sew-Along

When I hear "boho," I think lace, florals, loose and flowy fabrics. So for this week's Refashion Runway sew-along, I came up with two different projects that fit the bill: a $2 thrifted 90s floral dress and a free, but damaged, scarf.

Teal Floral Dress - BeforeLace Kimono - Before

For the dress, I removed the poofy sleeves and giant shoulder pads. The sleeve fabric was used to expand the bust to fit and also to make new side seam pockets. The midsection was removed to make the skirt shorter and a little fuller, and the remnant of fabric became the binding for the armholes.

Teal Floral Dress and Lace Kimono - After

Next I repaired the scarf's damage and hemmed the ends, which were then folded inward toward the center. A couple shoulder seams and some armholes later, and I've got a gauzy little kimono-style jacket with fantastic lace detailing.

Teal Floral Dress and Lace Kimono - After

Check out CarissaKnits for more details and photos!

Teal Floral Dress - Before & After

Lace Kimono


Gema Ensenat said...

I would never have considered using sleeve fabric to expand at the bustline! I'll defo be using that idea!! Always love your refashions, so well put together :)

Give the Cat a Name said...

Just in time, I was cleaning out my scarf drawer yesterday and thinking, "Surely there is something I could do with these."

RanchHouse said...

I have expanded many busts over the years with sleeves fabric. Then sleeves can be replaced with another fabric. Lace would be a current option.
Great save and very current.
Mary @ RanchHouse EOD

jennifer elliott said...

I want your wardrobe. So jealous!

whatthesew said...

Another lovely transformation. Good use of a damaged scarf because damaged items so often get binned.

Therese said...

Well done! From frumpy to stylish!