Wednesday, August 12, 2015

From Button Up Shirt to Adorable Dress

Have I mentioned my deep & abiding love for the Goodwill Clearance Center?  I find so many good things for refashioning there and I hardly spend anything!

I found this Girl's Size 12 shirt on a recent trip. It is pink with little brown owls on it. Based on the pattern alone, it was coming home with me. (My daughter & I adore owls)

Using the shirt as a fabric source, I used a pattern to make a little sun dress for my daughter.  I used some white bias tape for the strap and for the ruffle.

The back of the shirt became the front of the dress, and the front of the shirt became the back of the dress. 
A bit of vintage lace to break up the front of the dress.
My daughter loves her new owl dress, and she got quite a few compliments on it when we went to the library the day after I made it. :)

The front!

The back! I kind of love the buttons running down the back of the dress.


RanchHouse said...

The dress and model are both cute as can be! I love that she wore it to the library.
Mary @ RanchHoude Wednesday EOD

jenny_o said...

Oh my, how adorable (both girlie and dress) - so sweet!

Lovenicky said...

It is really adorable and so is the model!