Sunday, August 23, 2015

Not So Little White Dress

I know its been a long time since my last post and its partly because I have been really busy this summer. But it is also because I have been a little lazy and loungy too. I have been reading a lot of books this summer and trying to limit my screen time. Because of this I have a back log of blog entries and refashions to post about.

Im going to start with the most recent one. My images are tad dark or hazy for this one so I will also show you this picture of it that someone else took. Its a Libertine for Target dress and its super cute and comfortable. Problem is that the one I found at a thrift store was also a size large which is too big for me. Here is a picture of it on my dress form:

I don't have a before image of me wearing it but it hangs off of me the same way it hangs on this dress form. So I got to pinning.

I pinned in each side about 1.5 inches. After sewing in the sides it wasn't enough so I had to sew the sides again just a little further in. Then I chopped off the excess with my pinking shears.

The dress was almost ready to wear except for one detail- the straps. They were all crinkled up and not looking so hot.

So I got some thick white ribbon to sew underneath the straps to flatten them and reinforce them as well.

Here is the results!

For more details about this refashion and more images of the process please visit my blog entry here.


RanchHouse said...

So much cuter after and on. Great save!

Carissa said...

Fits so much better now! And it looks perfect for the summer heat!


Lolo said...

Thanks guys!