Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Office Capris for Summer

I had these grey pants sitting around for a long time. They fit too big on the bottom and I originally thought I wanted to just take them in to update the style… As seen in my only before photo pinned in (sorry I forgot to take a better one). However, as I was browsing the web for inspiration I found these cute office appropriate capris on and decided to turn my long grey pants into a similar fit.

To begin, I cut the length to be about at knee level. I loved the bottom hem so much that I just chopped off the hem and sewed it back onto my new chopped length. 

I think these are perfect for work now. 



RanchHouse said...

Your new crops are perfect. I like that they are just below the knee. This length would let them pass in more office settings. Good idea to keep the cuff. That takes them up a notch. Thanks for sharing.
Mary @ RanchHouse EOD

Unknown said...

I like them, too. Perfectly restyled.