Monday, August 03, 2015

Refashion Runway Challenge 2: Gingham

I made it to round 2 in The Renegade Seamstress's friendly sewing challenge. I'm trying to generate a trend: #RefashionRunway3 (Join me, won't you?) :)

Thank you to everyone who voted for me. I wouldn't have advanced without you :) This week's challenge was Gingham:


To see my full tutorial of how I turned this .99 cents Scrubs top into this lace sleeve shirt, mosey on over to my site. To vote for my gingham blouse (or the other 6 gingham refashions), mosey on over to The Renegade Seamstress to let your voice be heard!

Thanks again to everyone who voted for me last week :)


~ Laura, the Accidental Seamstress


Marisa Glied said...

Awesome was to transform a scrub top! So jealous of that purple gingham!!!

Refashion said...

Those lace sleeves look great

Debbie EOD