Saturday, September 05, 2015

#4 Boxers / Sleep Shorts / Amerson Undies from Worn Shirt

RanchHouse September Sewing Goal:*Mend, alter, refashion 10 Boxers or Sleep Shorts. This is #4.

Boxers or Sleep Shorts or Sleep Panties:
*Made from Pre-retirement stash that does not fit the Retirement lifestyle.
*Fit the need for more at-home lounge clothes. Retirement has some benefits!!!

Amerson Undies: Full and ruffly because
they are are made in woven fabrics. 
Before:  Old red shirt from the closet. Photo was lost.

After: Heavier weight cotton sleep panties to wear with t-shirts or night-gown.

Free Pattern. Amerson Undies by Madylnne are designed to be made in wovens. They are full and do not sit tight like knits would.  In light weight, they can be worn under loose clothing. Several cute Amersons are posted on line.

*Old Red Shirt: Print FREE PDF and create pattern. Cut Amersons.  Due to limited fabric in the shirt the Undies required some piecing.
*Lace/ Elastic: Amersons pattern shows elastic on the outside. I used thin white on the inside.

What I Learned:  Even Amersons take a bit of fabric. Use larger garments for less piecing of the Undies. The pattern is graded and the elastic also helps to control the sizing.
Be sure to read up on how to mark and space elastic prior to stitching.

Seams and edges serged.
Lace added, turned to inside and top-stitched.

Elastic stitched on the inside.


jenny_o said...

Good to see the undie refashions. These look comfortable for the hot weather.

jennifer elliott said...

Holy cow! You're keeping busy with all these refashions! Great job.

Jennifer Elliott EOD