Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Floral top for fall

I found this great floral dress at a thrift store, but it was too short to be worn as a dress. I decided to chop off some length to make it a top, and I got a bonus scarf out of the extra material. I also turned the top around to create a different neckline than the original.

I was afraid this fabric would fray like crazy, so I folded up the extra length and stitched a seam near the fold before cutting anything, as seen on the left side of this picture.

I cut close to the seam, keeping as even an edge as possible to make the scarf easier to sew later.

I turned the hemmed edge under again then stitched close to the previous fold. 

When I was done, the v-neck was in the back, showing just a bit of skin. 

For the scarf, I just folded over the raw edge two times and sewed it down. There wasn't much fraying after all, so it was very quick, and I love how it turned out. 

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cfortin said...

Love the two for one projects.

Cindy - EOD
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