Saturday, October 03, 2015

#1 Fall Core Wardrobe: Upcycled "Teacher" Dress

RanchHouse Sewing Goal: *Refashion 10 Items for "Work" Fall Core Wardrobe.
This is #1.

 "Work" Fall Core Wardrobe:
*Up-cycled from Pre-retirement stash. Retirement did not take; I accepted consultant work.
*Needed for:
   -Casual Work / Early Childhood Center visits; think playgrounds and 3 yrs. olds
   -Travel / 4 weeks/ four states/ six flights/ pack light.
   -Great Lakes Region; as cold as our Texas winters.

Before:  Dress made years ago from "teacher" skirt. The Paisley top and sleeves had gotten too tight.

After: Up-cycled "teacher" dress to wear in Early Childhood Center visits.

*Found scraps from when I made the dress many years ago.
*Altered to fit. Side panel added to bodice and sleeves. Cuffs changed to wide elastic band.
*Dyed lace and old formal lining in a dye pot leftover from another project.
*Added stitched in lining/slip made from old formal. I like stitched in slips in travel dresses so the slip is not forgotten in packing.

What I Learned:  Keep the scraps!!!!

Fall Core Wardrobe Dress
To wear in Early Childhood Settings
Think: playgrounds and 3 yrs. olds.

After: Side panel added for added size.

After: New Elastic cuff.

Before: Tight cuff.


Nancy D. said...

Love the dress, so sorry to hear that "retirement did not take".

whatthesew said...

This dress looks really good. I like the white paisley print on the grey background, and it looks like its always been a dress.

jenny_o said...

Good tip to attach slip so it's always with you when traveling! I like this dress.

Elizabeth Hill said...

This looks perfect for fall! I especially like the paisley!

- Elizabeth, EOD
aka The Hungry Octopus