Monday, October 12, 2015

Game of Thrones inspired

I actually made this costume last April and waited until now to post about it to stay seasonally appropriate. Of course, I took pics of the process and I even got a quick mirror-selfie "before" shot of the dress. I did this with my phone, then didn't upload anything and within a month my phone was dead taking its pictures with it.
Anyway, I put together this costume as part of my short stint as Moody Starr back in WAW Wrestling, a promotion that I helped create and called home for years. My boyfriend Chris and I insisted on making our big return with a Game of Thrones gimmick.
Therefore, this costume isn't a replica. I wasn't trying to duplicate the actual gown worn by Sansa Stark at the end of season 4, where she appeared with black hair and a "dark" look. This is my GoT inspired look:
Moody Starr-k
I made some cuts to my old goth velvet dress for sexiness, added some faux fur, and then created a cheap and quick version of the necklace. See Sansa's necklace here.
That's my necklace. It's just a plastic buckle and a chain! I removed that plastic ring from a belt that I never wore. I attached a jump ring to the top and then another jump ring to one end of a long, black chain. I connected the jump rings and had a functioning if not cheap looking necklace!
Here is an Instagram picture taken at the live event. (I forgot to include my rope belt in my photo session.) As you see, Chris is wearing a cape made from the glorious fur of a direwolf, which we were able to find at Joann's. 
See the full post on my blog Craft, Thrift, or Die!  


Refashion said...

The outfit looks great. What a pity the before photos were lost. Your wrestling sounds intriguing!

Debbie EOD

jenny_o said...

"...fur of a direwolf, which we were able to find at Joann's" - hah!

Great costumes!