Wednesday, November 18, 2015

A reshaped furry coat

It's windy and wet here which is not the best weather for a faux fur coat but I wanted one in wine or plum regardless. This is the monster coat that I started with

I like the shape of this faux fur jacket that I bought several years ago so I'm going to use it as the basic shape for the new one.

For details on how I changed the coat from double to single breasted and the alterations I made to it have a look at my blog. Here's the finished coat, very cosy and just what I wanted!


RanchHouse said...

I bought a faux fur to change to a vest. I have wandered how it will be to see the thick ayers. Congrats on this great refashion.
Mary @ RanchHouse

Linda Wilson said...


Kathy W. said...

This is SUPER awesome! Very muppet-chic!