Thursday, November 12, 2015

Forgotten Refashions

The last month or so has been a little hectic, and I haven't gotten to do a single bit of refashioning. *sad face*  However, while looking for a photo on my computer, I came across some old-ish pictures I took of some refashions from a couple years ago. Forgotten refashions to save the day!

I made all of these while my daughter was between 4-6 months old. (She's 2 1/2 now!)

The first ones I have no "before" pictures of. I made a couple little dress/tunics out of scraps of t-shirts I had laying around.

The other dress was a tutu dress that I made from strips of tulle that had been given to me after a friend got married. I used elastic that I had salvaged from an old fitted sheet to hold the top on.

The final product turned out pretty darn cute. :)


g.satansbraten said...

Ohhhh yes it did indeed !!!
I admire your idea!

Just thinking whether it could do the same magic on/for me ;-) :-D ?
To be considered: short legged 1,56m nearly 60 year old ^^ + ;-) ?

LG, Gerlinde
... on the dive to hide from flying shoes for being cheeky (again) .

Linda Wilson said...

Yes, Very cute

jennifer elliott said...

I love using bits and pieces of scraps to create something beautiful. Great job.

Jennifer, EOD