Monday, November 23, 2015

Gift for a Little Lady

Oof, it's been a sec...

A few weeks ago I really upped my workout game, and then about 1.5 weeks ago my knees started killing me, which really wrecked said workout game :( I'm still not 100% sure WHAT I did, but this is the first weekend I've been able to stand/walk for extended periods, so husband and I went out to, I dunno, spend time together! But I managed to whip up this little number earlier, and wanted to post it before we launch into the chaos of Thanksgiving week :)

I know a little girl whom I'm an honorary auntie to. I wasn't able to go to her birthday party a few weeks ago, so I figured I could at least make a cool Christmas present for her! I took this teeny teeny miniskirt and the bottom of this too-small top...

And cut them into loooonnnggg pieces...

The usual 'sew on the edges then flip inside out'. Before I sewed the ends closed though, I took a couple little bits of old lace I had and tucked them between the layers, then stitched everything down 

Tah dah! Perfect for a cute little Kindergartner. I like that the Abercrombie logo shows actually... A cute little bird to decorate her scarf :)

And that's it! I think I'll make scarves for her mom and stepdad too... Especially relevant for him, he's studying in Finland right now, so I'll be sure to use the warmest fabric I have for his, LOL!

Here's hoping to doing more this week... I have a 4 day weekend because of Thanksgiving, and I intend to use it!



Refashion said...

The scarf is very cute. I like contrast of the fabrics

Debbie EOD

Samwise J. said...

Thanks Debbie! Some of the little flowers have pink on them, so I figured it would combine okay!