Monday, November 16, 2015

My Halloween Costumes: Marie Antoinette and Katy Perry

I know it has been 2 weeks since Halloween but I just finally got to blogging about this year's costume, which I refashioned from a white corset dress.

Basically I took a white corset dress and used scraps of fabric from previous clothing articles to make an ice cream cone. Then I just blinged it out with everything I could find that was candy/cupcake oriented. I didn't have a lot of time to make everything so I had to purchase iron ons, etc. But it came out pretty fabulous!

I had a lot of fun in this costume. More info here.

The other costume I wanted to feature is something I truly refashioned- my Marie Antoinette costume which can also dub as Renaissance. I started out with this pale blue formal dress that I got for $1 and then added a lace top.
I basically used everything to make a shorter, sleeveless dress with lace inserts, as well as, arm sleeves. By adding or removing the front bows I can totally change the look of this dress from Marie Antoinette

To a medieval lady..

More info and a LOT more photos on my blog here. 


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cfortin said...

That's quite the contrast in costumes. :-) They both look great.

Cindy - EOD
Upcycled Design Lab