Sunday, January 03, 2016

Jewel-refashion! Wow that's terrible...

Hi peeps!

Woooo it's been a second. Did everyone have a lovely holiday? I did! I had FIVE days off of work in which my husband and I drove to Northern CA to visit my family for Christmas. We even brought our dogs and they were fantastic travelers. Now we're back and I'm ready to settle into a fabulous 2016.

New year, new projects! This is my bucket that holds some of my beading supplies. As you can see, it's just a pile of stuff. I'm planning on reorganizing it so I can refashion some jewelry! (Hint: See the little orange and black bracelet, bottom middle? You'll see that again in a minute!)

One 'refashion' that happened today was taking a little baggie of some mateless earrings and nipping off the posts to make them little 'cabochons'. These will be fun to glue onto future crafts!

I got so busy sorting, tossing, donating and cleaning that I almost forgot to MAKE a project! :) The beads in the bag are plastic, and came off of two bracelets that didn't fit me and were badly put together (loose elastic cord, clasp that didn't work). The beads on the right were in a mixed bag of baubles and they're actually glass.

I strung together a simple pattern. The pictures don't do justice to how bright these orange beads are!

Then I took an eye pin and added one of the little orange lozenges... 

Made a loop on the other end...

Finished project! I have really tiny wrists so making bracelets is ALWAYS a good option for me. Maybe I should give this a name... Florida Orange Juice #1. Safety Cone Charm. Any thoughts?

But where- Oh THERE it is! The little glass bead adds a bit of interest on the clasp area :) And voila! Two lame non-functional bracelets get married and live happily (and adorably) ever after!

Don't worry, I have some more sewing projects planned for the future too! But it's fun to mix it up with some baubles. I used to bead things ALL the time in high school; I would spend hours and hours each summer on the floor of my room, listening to the radio and piecing together this and that. If you haven't done any beading in a while, I say give it another try!

Until next time!


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