Thursday, January 07, 2016

Quickest No-Sew Dress Refashion Ever!! Vintagethrifter51

This has got to be the quickest and easiest no-sew refashion ever.  I just bought this vintage dress at Value Village today for $7.99 plus a 15% discount.
I had seen it before and admired the print and the beautiful silky fabric, but never thought it would fit as it is a size 12.  But when I went back today, it was still there and I still loved it so I figured I could always make a top out of the fabric.  But I brought it home and tried it on and it fits perfectly.  But as you can see, the top is quite blousy and not so flattering.
But I also love the little pearl buttons at the cuffs and at the back of the collar.  They are very in keeping with the style and age of the dress.
I considered taking the elastic out until I noticed that the bodice lining was much shorter than the bodice fabric which was what was  keeping it puffy.
So all I did was carefully cut the lining out of the top all around the neck, arm holes and waist.  This left me with the lining fabric seen above.
Then I just had the top and the bottom attached without the lining and the elastic still in place.
So I was left with a much more flattering silhouette that I can belt and place the elastic higher or lower on my waist.  What do you think of this refashion?  It only took about 10 minutes to complete.  Cheers, Michele. I would love it if you checked out my blog for other refashions.


jennifer elliott said...

I love quick and simple refashions! Nice job.

Jennifer, EOD

Marisa Glied said...

I like quick and I like simple! Great job! I have a dress that is super similar!