Saturday, February 06, 2016

Jane Austen inspired Regency dress from a sheet

Back again to share the Jane Austen inspired Regency Style dress I made for a friend's daughter. I used an old flat sheet that another friend gave me from her grandmother's estate.

The bodice is lined with the same sheet. I love that you get oodles of fabric when using flat sheets. And because this one was older, it is very soft. Perfect for this kind of dress.

 If you would like to see more photos, you are welcome to pop on by Falafel and the Bee.


Lovenicky said...

Lovely! I love making dresses with sheets too!

Carissa said...

Your friend's daughter looks adorable in her new dress, and you did an amazing job making it. However, please make sure your next post is a refashion of an existing garment to a new garment, per our posting guidelines.


Marisa Glied said...

It's simply adorable!