Monday, February 01, 2016

Wool and Leather

I have a big brown bag I refashioned from a leather jacket last year, but I've been wanting a black bag since brown doesn't necessarily go with everything. So I pulled out this black and white houndstooth, 100% wool, men's suit jacket which I got for free a couple years ago.

Houndstooth Messenger Bag - Before

I sketched out my own pattern and cut the pieces from the jacket, salvaging the original pockets for the front of my bag. I also cut pieces for the lining from some fabric I had in my stash, and I added fusible interfacing to everything for extra stability and structure. When I assembled the wool pieces, I also inserted into the seams some strips of black leather from a previous refashion as a sort of piping accent for my new bag. An old black leather belt became a new strap.

Houndstooth Messenger Bag - After

Houndstooth Messenger Bag - AfterHoundstooth Messenger Bag - After

For the whole lengthy process, feel free to visit me over at CarissaKnits!

Houndstooth Messenger Bag - After


jennifer elliott said...

That is gorgeous!

Gema Ensenat said...

Beautiful bag!! Great job :)

Chickie Walsh said...

Wow! Amazing.

Refashion said...

Wow - fabulous bag. I love it

Debbie EOD

alyrocco said...

This is awesome!!! Great job! .. and great tutorial. Thank you for sharing. : )

Marisa Glied said...

This is totally amazing!!!!! I have a few jackets I acquired for free, I am totally making one of these!