Saturday, April 16, 2016

Dress Up a Shirt with Statement Sleeves

I usually don't follow fashion trends but I made an exception with the current statement sleeve trend.  I love the dramatic impact you can make with an easy change.

I started with this outfit from the thrift store I scored for $6.  The shirt is from Banana Republic and the skirt is Forever 21.

I chopped off the sleeves of the shirt.  Wasn't feeling the collar and removed that too.

I used the lower half of the skirt for the statement sleeves.

I cut the top of the statement sleeve the same size as the shirt sleeve opening and sewed the sides.

With right sides together, I sewed the statement sleeves to the shirt.


Sandy said...

This is brilliant! Love it.
Sandy in the UK

RePurposeFul said...

What an awesome, quick change! I love it :)

Marisa Glied said...

What an awesome idea!! Looks pretty simple to do too! Great work!


Lovenicky said...

What a fun shirt this is now! Great job!

Carissa said...

They certainly do make a statement! And what an easy way to jazz up a shirt that already fits nicely. Great job!