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Monday, April 25, 2016

Old t-shirt into toddler p.j. shorts and bib


I recently ruined my kitchen sink (who knew you weren't supposed to leave steaming hot pots in an empty melamine sink?) and, being the optimist that I am - after stomping around and grumping for a few minutes - I decided to do some tie-dying. Yep, that's right. Don't need to worry about staining that sink anymore ;)

Anyway, here's an old painting t-shirt that was in the rag bag:

And here are the new p.j. shorts and matching bib that I made from it. I still have enough tie-dyed orange material left over to make another set, too. 

Thanks for reading!


Refashion said...

I like the orange tie dye baby things - so bright and cheery. Sorry to hear about your sink! But I agree it is a good opportunity for a dyeing session

Debbie EOD

Amy Jo said...

What a bright, happy outfit that came from a mistake!
I like the way you think!

Amy said...

Thank you! I bought a few different dye colours so that I can do some more projects before we replace the sink ;)