Monday, August 08, 2016

Vibrant Yellow How I love You

I bought this dress for one euro only as both the charity shops I know sell all their items for 1€ (one of them sells kids clothes for only 0,50€). I often find ready to wear clothes I love too. This dress though was beautifully finished, and quite new for a second hand, but first of all, it didn't fit me, and also, I wouldn't dress this as was for sure. 

I loved the vibrant yellow in it though and knew I had to make something new out of it. It spent a couple of years in my refashion-pile before I finally found a purpose for it. And I did so last week, making a new pair of shorts for my daughter. I am telling all about it in my blog, if you're curious to read it, just click here
The best thing is that I still have a lot left from this. Can't stop wondering what to turn it into. 


Refashion said...

I love the vibrant yellow with the grey edging.

Debbie EOD

MSPE said...

thank you. I love the combination in everything lately.