Monday, October 31, 2016

Colourblocked winter skirt

This dress didn't work for me (made me look boxy, instead of curvy, as I think it was supposed to) and it was too tight across the chest. But I really liked the fabric and the colourblocking.

I tried to make it work for me in many different ways, but eventually I grabbed my scissors and sliced the wretched thing in half and made myself a nice and warm winter skirt, which I like. But I am still slightly annoyed with that old dress's defiance...

(And in case anyone wondered, the shirt is a refashion too, from the beginning of this year: ).


whatthesew said...

The skirt looks neat and maybe more versatile than a dress.

Chickie Walsh said...

Hahaha, defiance. That made me laugh. Great skirt.

RanchHouse said...

Loving the new skirt. It will look great this winter with so much.

cfortin said...

Cute skirt. Sorry it didn't work for you as a dress. Nice Save.

Cindy - EOD
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