Sunday, October 30, 2016

T-Shirt Dress Refash Part 1

I got inspiration from the The Refashionista for today's refashion. See Jillian's original blog post here
In the refashionista's refashion she takes an XL t-shirt and turns it into a dress and it's super cute!
Awhile ago my dad had cleaned out his closet but before he could donate the old clothes I riffled through them. I pulled out a t-shirt that my dad had worn for years and I had always loved it. This t-shirt features pictures of antique wood boats, which is awesome because we have one! Plus the shirt is from Harsens Island, which I'm sure you've seen in my previous posts, is where we spend our summer weekends at on our boat!
I had plans of making this t-shirt into a dress but I never was quite sure how I wanted to do that, until I read the refashionista's blog post! Yay thank you Jillian!
I began by folding my XL t-shirt in 1/2 lengthwise (hot dog style, if you will). I used a previous refashioned dress as a template because I loved the fit! I cut the t-shirt to size.

Pinned the sides and sewed them together.

After looking at the length of the t-shirt I decided that it would be too short for wearing in public all on its own.

I rummaged through my refash rack and found a brown and white polk-a-dot dress I have been dying to refashion! This dress was in dire need of shortening, and what luck!? I could use the scrap for the bottom of my t-shirt dress! A 2 in 1 refash!
After I sewed the sides of the t-shirt together I made a casing at the top for a fabric scrap I was going to use for a strap!

I threaded the thin scrap of fabric through it's casing and tied it into a bow at the shoulder.

I used a 4 inch scrap from the polk-a-dot dress to add length to the t-shirt dress.

Now this fabric was raveling at an alarming rate so I used fray block on the edges to keep the fabric from raveling any further. ( I always keep a cardboard piece wrapped in wax paper handy for placing the wet items on, keeps it from sticking to itself or my table)


Ta Da! My cozy new t-shirt dress! I sported my new dress around the house doing chores: making dinner, feeding my fishies etc.


Happy Refashioning!!!
Stay tuned for the second part of this refashion!
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Carissa said...

Jillian is super inspirational! And I *adore* your addition of the polka dots!


Samwise W. said...

So cute! I absolutely love it. Have you shown it to your dad yet? :)