Thursday, November 24, 2016

Men's Flannel Shirt Refashion to a Vest

I grew up cuddling up to my dad who was always wearing a flannel shirt. And now I get to sort through those old flannels and get creative with refashions. This men's shirt refashion turned a quilted flannel shirt into a reversible vest. (Get the full details here)

Men's Flannel Shirt Refashion

The original flannel shirt was an XXL so there was plenty of fabric to play with and adjust to my size.

Men's Flannel Shirt Refashion

Changes made:
  • The collar was removed
  • Sleeves removed
  • Sides were taken in for a more feminine fit
  • Buttons were replaced with larger buttons and placed on both the inside and outside
  • Side pockets were created using the extra flannel fabric
  • All edges were finished with bias tape

Men's Flannel Shirt Refashion

BONUS: It's reversible!

Since this flannel shirt was quilted, it was ready to be reversible and show the quilting on the outside. This is my favorite was to wear this refashion.


Melissa Lin said...

Perfect refashion for the chilly weather.

RePurposeFul said...

I love this. I've been looking for a quilted flannel for this very reason!

whatthesew said...

This looks great, very professional. Even beter that its reversible

Saga said...

It looks so comfy and pretty. I think I have just the shirt that wants to be such one.
Saga - EOD

Unknown said...

love that it's reversible. very well done.