Tuesday, February 07, 2017

Increased boob size #5 - Dress with a contrasting gusset

Do you think that once a weeks sound like little? Well maybe, but it would be more than I have had the time and energy for in the last couple of monthes.
So I decided to make the deal with myself to make (at least) one refashion a week for the rest of 2017. I miss it so, and it is my creative outlet, which is good for me.

I found this dress on Pinterest in the first days of 2016 and fell in love. I had to make something similar. It took a year to get to it, but now it is made, yay.
(I link to the pin, but it is from this page, dress no. 7: http://eslamoda.com/outfits-neon-que-necesitas-llevar-tu-proximo-evento-formal ).

2½ years ago I refashioned this dress from a size S to a size M. The dress was good for this project, since it had since then become too little in the bust. Refashion no. 1.

Since I could not get it on anymore, here is a picture of it without me in it.

Go to the blogpost for more pictures and description on how I made this refashion: Dress with constrasting gusset in the back

I cut a gusset (godet?) in a fitting green fabric remnant.
I could have made darts in the front, but I instead opted for a fuller silhouet and ties in the waist.

The upper back can also drape above the ties.

And from the front as it is now.
I have always loved this dress, so I am happy to be able to wear it again.

The whole transformation from the beginning.


Chickie Walsh said...

Oh, I love the green. It looks vey pretty. Nice save. I have a few dresses this would work for. Thanks!

RanchHouse said...

I find that sometimes even one refashion a week is a lot. I set the goal this school year to do 10 refashions a month for the full calendar year. I am doing more like one a week or 4 a month.

Marisa Glied said...

Love the green with that dress!


Raj Sethi said...

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jennifer elliott said...

Nice job!

Jennifer Elliott, EOD