Wednesday, April 19, 2017

A Little Somethin' Somethin'

Hello again!

Here is the other project I mentioned in my last post! Very quick and easy.

Wooh, blurry! Sorry about that. Also inside out. Wow I am so organized. Anyway! Tank top; nice fabric, easy to dress up, but too large. Pretty easy take in, seam and serge.

I have a zillion 'plain, dress up or dress down' tank tops though, so I wanted to add a little something to this one. Nothing too wild, just a weeeeeee extra detail. So I 'auditioned' a few buttons and settled on these two. Dunno how old they are; 99.5% of my buttons are from my grandmother's stash she was going to junk many years ago.
I hand sewed them onto the front for a little cuteness. It was SO HARD to get them in a straight line... I had to redo the bottom button like 3 times LOL

Here is a (sideways) close up! The vintage creamy color goes with the flowers perfectly!

That's all for now!



RanchHouse said...

Love the simple pop of change those sweet buttons make. And so glad you saved your Grandmother's buttons. I always wonder about thrifts like button and threads. And if they were someones Granny's. I say a special thank you of appreciation to that kindred sewing spirit.

Pezalli Creations said...
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Chickie Walsh said...

I love the added buttons. They just give it a new look.

Pezalli Creations said...

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