Saturday, May 27, 2017

MIx and Match Tunic

Hi guys,

Here is another tunic : out-of-the-box pattern matching.

I started with three somewhat ugly skirts:

Very flimsy, crinkly extra thin fabric. (But a LOT of it !)

A thicker coton-y fabric with paisley-lace motif

Rayon with bold motifs.  Not exactly this one but similar.

And here is what I came up with:

Raglan fluttery sleeves, hi-lo bottom, pockets.   I LOVE this pattern and the weird use of different motifs.  I also like the bold fuchsia !

Here it is on me !


Thanks for reading.  For more information, visit my blog: sewliltime.




Chickie Walsh said...

That tunic looks great on you. The combination of fabrics works well. I never would have thought to put them together. Super cute!
Chickie EOD

Claudia said...

Thank you Chickie ! I think I am hooked on this process !!!