Thursday, September 07, 2017

easy dress refashion πŸ‘—

After first successful dress refashion πŸ˜Š I decided to move forward and do second one 
My second dress looks old and boring at first but later you can see also beautiful color , nice patterns and you feel cool fabric πŸ‘‰ 100% egyptian cotton
I  didn't want to change it's main form, because I like it, I only wanted to make it more modern and comfortable.

Dress Before

Beautiful color, pretty patterns, great fabric how can I resist  to refashion such a treasure πŸ‘‘

  during work πŸ‘Š

Ready dress πŸ‘—

here πŸ‘‡ you can see ready dress on me, it's very comfortable and looks fabulous πŸ’–, now I'm really sad that summer is almost gone ...

Dress Before and After
Love ,

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Chickie Walsh said...

What a great new look. It is so much more fun and modern. Love it!
Chickie EOD