Saturday, December 09, 2017

Peplum with Bell Sleeves

Sorry for the late Thanksgiving post. Enjoy!

I love the holidays because it always gives me inspiration for some refashions! I purchased this pumpkin turtleneck back in the summer in preparation for Thanksgiving!  This shirt has been burning a hole in my re-fashioners pocket!
I love this simple pumpkin pattern!

My idea was to add the pumpkin turtleneck and this shirt together. Then I thought about a peplum shirt, how cute would that be?!

I marked where my bellybutton was, which is where I wanted to start the peplum part of this top.

I cut the pumpkin turtleneck just under the armpits.

I placed the scrap of the gray shirt on top of the pumpkin shirt so I could measure the length. Then I trimmed thee pumpkin shirt to size.

I pinned the pumpkin fabric to the top of the gray shirt.

Once the body of the shirt was done, it was time for the sleeves. I was playing around with adding part of the pumpkin sleeves to the gray shirt. During my trial and error process I came upon the idea to make them bell sleeves!

I cut the bottom section of the pumpkin sleeves. Then cut the same length off of the gray shirt sleeves.

I pinned the original hem of the pumpkin sleeves to the bottom of the newly cut gray sleeves. I folded under the bottom of the pumpkin material to make a new hem for the sleeves.

Happy Thanksgiving!!!


Happy Refashioning!!!

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Chickie Walsh said...

Very cute, I like how you did the sleeves with pumpkin fabric too. Perfect for Thanksgiving. It's very derive and looks great on you.
Chickie EOD