Thursday, May 03, 2018

Easy Shoe Refashion Using Embroidered Patches

This was my first shoe refashion that I did a few months ago. I was always too scared to try to refashion shoes, because if I messed up, the shoe would be done for. If I ever happen to mess up a clothing refashion, I could usually salvage the project, even if I just made cleaning rags out of the fabric.  But with shoes, I felt differently. I started off with an easy refashion this time to build up my confidence around shoes. :) 

Even though it is an easy refashion, it looks great and can really give your new shoes a whole different look.
Here are the supplies that I used:

Leather & Suede Glue (since my boots were made of suede), embroidered floral patches (you can use pretty much any cute patch), and a little brush to spread the glue on the patches.

For the full tutorial and more photos, please visit Sew Much Love, Mary


Chickie Walsh said...

These are so pretty. Just fabulous! Great looking boots.

learningnewtricks said...

Way too cute!

Gail K said...

So cute. I am definately going to try this out.