Wednesday, July 04, 2018

Sleeves to a sash belt

This is a re-refashion of a dress I originally altered a year ago.


It started out looking like this, fairly shapeless, unflattering, and too tight across the shoulders.

Refashion 1

I opened up the top portions of the shoulder seams to create an cold-shoulder look. I was happy with the results when I did it, but when I tried to wear the dress again over the past winter, I found it tremendously staticky, to the point of being unwearable. I decided I'd only wear it in the humid summer, which meant the sleeves had to go entirely.

Refashion 2

After removing the sleeves, I sliced them up into segments and turned them into a sash belt.

I slightly tailored the waist as well, so I can now wear the dress with or without the belt and still feel like I'm not just clad in a boxy old pillowcase.

For more details and photos, check out my original blog post.

--The Unfashionista


alyrocco said...

I love this!! So cute.

Chickie Walsh said...

I really like the dress with the cold shoulder sleeves and sleeveless too. It was clever to make it work for warm weather by removing the sleeves. It looks great on you!

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