Friday, July 13, 2018

T-shirt Mania 6; The Giant Purple One

Hello Refashion Co-op. This was the last t-shirt in a pile of refashion clothes that I worked through. It also gave me the most trouble and struggle. It was a big soft low cut bright purple V-neck, nothing exciting there.

 I took the shirt in on the sides and at the shoulders to make it more narrow and raise the neckline. Nothing exciting there either.

I added some nice bias tape that I had on hand. I thought it would break up the purple and dress the shirt up a little.

It was a mistake because the bias tape was just too heavy and stiff for the light weight knit shirt. It made the neckline too bulky and it just felt weird. I was a little angry at myself for not realizing this sooner.

I cut the neckline into a V shape again to remove the trim. I also cut open the shoulder seams and tied a knot on each shoulder to strengthen the neckline and keep the shoulders on my shoulders. the knots also raised the neckline since I had just cut it into a deeper V. 

I decided this soft shirt was just going to be  worn with leggings for exercise.

Some things just don't work out the way I think they will. 
See you next time.


whatthesew said...

Not everything works out. Bias tape is normally something I like to make and work with. Also, everyone needs exercise/painting/cleaning the car clothes.

Chickie Walsh said...

Hi whatthesew! You are so right.